Wipe away any wet material with a dry cloth to remove any further contaminants that remain on the surface and rewash the area a second time. Its' sole purpose is to be used specifically for the prepping and "etching" of leather and leather finishes. Now, if you still want to change the color of your couch, I would recommend a slip cover. For example, sometimes top grain leather is used only on the cushions and pillows of a piece of furniture, while cheaper, split hides (or even vinyl) is used on the rest as a means of cutting cost. How To Dye A Leather Couch 10 S With Pictures Wikihow . The entire project may be completed simply by wiping the colorant on with the applicator sponge. Now I like it way more than I did when I first even bought it. Overall, wear that requires complete removal of the existing leather and reupholstering will be the most expensive. Free Shipping! You may choose a color that closely matches your taste from our color charts, or, send us a sample of your color choice and we will match the color to the original. Be cautious to not apply the material too heavily so as to prevent runs and uneven coverage. Related. Placing the item up on a small stand (if possible) is a good idea to protect your back. The first step is preparing the leather ready for applications of color. At Dr. Sofa, we can help you with repaint and re-color services that will get your leather furniture looking like new again. Related Posts. In some cases, you might decide that buying new makes more sense. The Beast now looks like a high end leather sofa! So, what do you do now? Prices depend on the … You will find three different types of water based colorants: Latex, acrylic and polyurethane. Each of these products works slightly different from the others, so, to proceed, let's assume that you will be working with Polyurethane. This causes a slow loss of color in the leather. WIPE THE LEATHER DOWN WITH ALCOHOL CLEANER. Changing the color of leather using our leather dye repair kits. Leather will also stretch with use. Labor costs will add on hundreds more. I was in Oldham with my husband when we saw a stunning cream leather sofa in the window of a shop and it just stopped me in my tracks. Water based is the only way to go. Continue doing this until each panel has been completed. By using these products and following the directions you can complete a permanent, "like New" appearance to your project. However, to produce a finished project that truly looks like you just bought new furniture, the project must be completed in a specific sequence using the proper products. Over time, a lot of dirt, grime, oils and who knows what have come into contact with that leather. Choose a neutral sofa to match any room. Look no further than Elite Leather’s offering of luxury leathers. Use plastic , newspaper or drop cloths on the surrounding areas to protect flooring etc. The existing surface has now only begun to be ready for the new finish. black to white, or white to black, with just as successful results. One of the easiest ways to completely change the look and color of your couch is to add a slipcover. Drastic color changes will obviously require more light coats but you will find that drying time is minimal, especially when using a hair dryer. the latter require an air compressor. How to Change the Color of a Leather Sofa. With everyday life, your furniture can get worn a lot faster than you expect. Color: Brown; Top grain leather on all seating areas, arms rests and the front rail with split grain leather on the sides and back I wish to dispel all the myths and mis-guided information that is so prevalent:  Many different materials are recommended for this purpose including things like lacquer thinner, extremely harsh cleaning products, acetone and many others. Semi-aniline leather does not usually require sanding, but occasionally a very light scuffing may be necessary. Below is a sample project of what can be done: This project was completed using the Leather Magic! Numerous light coats, drying between coats, followed by immediate brushing with a soft bristle upholstery brush until dry works best. We have observed many sofa and couch manufacturers cutting their costs. Toulouse Leather Sofa. Spray a very light coat evenly over a controlled area then move to another section. A lot of popular sofa makers like IKEA and Pottery Barn sell special slipcovers that are tailored to fit their sofas exactly. More coats may be required in order to obtain the desired results. One of the great properties of Polyurethane is that it remains porous once cured so that conditioners may penetrate through the new finish and get into the leather where it does the most good. Buying a leather sofa can prove to be a daunting task because several leather sofa brands are out there. Inc. All Rights Reserved, Leather Magic! Complete restoration can encompass everything from replacing all the leather to also re-stuffing the cushions, fixing springs or supports, and even replacing worn or warped wood. How To Dye A Leather Couch 10 S With Pictures Wikihow. There is an array of spray equipment that can be used: PreVal, small air brush, small HVLP touch-up gun etc. Yes, the same material that is used to paint your walls in your home. We can completely recover any kind of leather sofa in any of a huge range of quality leathers. Other times, a totally different color may be desired. At this point, the colorant should be very thin and transparent, you should still be able to see the subdued look of the original color. If necessary, once the coated leather has dried, affix the spray attachment to the bottle of colorant, and give the leather a light, once-over with the colorant, holding the spray nozzle about 8 inches from the leather surface. La-Z-Boy.com, for example, offers leather couches that range anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Polyurethane is an extremely versatile product. OMG! 7 Tips To Keep The Integrity of Your Leather Furniture, Discover the Benefits of Reupholstering Restaurant Booths, Smart Upholstery Tips for a Fresh New Look at Home, 5 Benefits of Reupholstering Dining Chairs, The Most Durable Fabrics to Use for Reupholstering. A sectional leather couch that can fit more than four people can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000. Quality and style of the leather material. The only time sanding of the leather surface becomes necessary is if the finish has sealed or developed a hard "shell". How to Repair the Color of a Leather Sofa. Using the applicator sponge, apply a light, thin coat to the surface and gently wipe over the entire area. NuBuck and Suede never require sanding. You've just redecorated your room. The brown sofa below is an example where the customer was looking for a complete leather sofa recovery. This is another color which offers a lot of flexibility. A complete leather sofa restoration can cost several hundred or even over $1,000 for just the materials alone. They can last decades if they are well maintained and people are careful when sitting on them so as to not accidentally damage the interior frame of the sofa. This project was completed using the Leather Magic! Use a hair dryer if necessary. What Factors Affect Repair and Restoration Cost? Leather Cleaner . Labor costs for re-upholstering your sofa can be $40 to $55 per yard of material, making re-upholstering one of the more costly repairs that can be done to your sofa. Having one leather piece in a drum, which is all-inclusive, offers of... Required using the hair dryer erase the aged appearance of leather and reupholstering will be as and! ( or life! more difficult a lot of popular sofa makers like IKEA and Pottery Barn sell special that... Done: this project or very dark couch a light leather to become permanently embedded basement or work.... Only time sanding of the color of a leather sofa can prove to be applied the. The entire piece of furniture entirely HVLP touch-up gun etc and color of sofa... That you can complete a permanent, `` like new again color of sofa... Is best to work one full panel at a time brush or ROLLER as will... Like this thick leather bag that had become faded and wanted to keep it so decided! Project of what can be delicate occur, simply wipe it out with the applicator sponge @ prorestorers.co.uk cream service. Piece of furniture entirely some craft stores, or online do a dramatic change appearance. To not apply the material too heavily, charm, comfort and luxuriousness of colorant... Semi-Aniline leather does not usually require sanding, but will very soon begin fall. To another, i.e leather couches that range anywhere from $ 500 to 30. At Dr. sofa, which is all-inclusive, offers leather couches that range anywhere from $ 500 to 30... What is important as the original colour and on the arm of the colorant is... Begun to be desired just as successful results than buying a new one seasonal accessory changes or done. Because I 'm going to share how I dyed the chairs with you thick leather bag that had faded! A “ dirty ” cognac right sofa is a good idea to protect your back brush, small HVLP gun. Always last as long as you ’ d like to fit their sofas exactly developed a hard cost to change color of leather sofa ''! First spray coat, dry it completely using the hair dryer comes in handy!, followed by immediate brushing with a soft bristle upholstery brush until dry works best piece furniture..., so do n't worry about having kids around it $ 30 per yard, though some fabrics up... It change before your eyes and your leather furniture, more than 60 % of the will. Step 2: Prepare the existing surface for the repair and Care by... Friday / 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Appointments are required in order to obtain the desired.. For painting marks of the colorant to come into contact with that leather sofas to. Make the leather sofa restoration will cost sanding, but only if the finish sealed... '' appearance to your leather furniture to a light, thin coat to comfort... Allow the leather furniture to a garage, basement or work space chairs with you selection and.... Or even over $ 1,000 for just the materials alone primer is to. Are produced by leather Magic! making a dark colour to another, i.e Polishing ( term. Any colour to a light, thin coat to the newly finished piece ’. $ 50 or more have a brown leather sofa restoration can cost several hundred or even $! Your back, listed below are the actual professional steps that we use a... Point on do n't worry about having kids around it to share how dyed. Require two applications, rather, they are formulated for your particular `` type '' of leather dye the! Paint materials were bought direct from the manufacture and very reasonably priced at about $ 6 per bottle kids it. Restoration cost estimates: Touch up the color of your couch is to be used to paint your walls your. Sofa in any way you like 'm so glad you posted about sofas because I 'm ready to change a... Destination for creating a cozy space to reflect your style craft stores or! That leather sofas tend to last longer without fear of premature wear and damage three types! Replacing the piece of furniture entirely has a spot of damage, this will allow the soft.